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Broadstone Plaque
The Broadstone at Two Gates
The Broadstone being removed
The Broadstone - Mark Williams, h-arts sound
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Formed some 280 million years ago during the carboniferous period, this ancient stone set in the path at the side of Two Gates Ragged School weighs some 15 cwt and is called The Broadstone.  A map dated 1610 shows it as a boundary marker between the parishes of Cradley and Lutley.  On August 27th, 1967 it was taken from its position at Foxcote Lane and installed at Two Gates Ragged School.

The 1843 Tithe Map of Cradley omits a triangular section of land on either side of Foxcote Lane to the old Anglo Saxon boundary where the Broadstone used to stand.  Local folk believed the stone capable of granting wishes.

Gypsie children at the Broadstone

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